SEPAC Statement to BOE 7/16/2017 re: District 504 policy

I am Erin Siders from Maplewood, President of the Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC). SEPAC would like to address the status of the regulations for implementing the Section 504 Policy.  The Board adopted the policy on September 19, 2016.   As you know, the Policy states that “within sixty days of the adoption of thisContinue reading “SEPAC Statement to BOE 7/16/2017 re: District 504 policy”

Email from Kevin Walston

From Kevin Walston to the Special Education Community: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 Dear SOMSD Community, We are writing to update you on the search for the new Director of Special Services & Youth Development. The initial announcement for the Director position was posted in October and drew extensive interest from qualified candidates across the region.Continue reading “Email from Kevin Walston”

Welcome Back

A Note from Reesa Solomon, SEPAC VP: Hello fellow SOMSD families. Next month, I will be taking on the role of SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Committee) Vice President. In the last 2 weeks, I have heard many parents discussing issues regarding IEPs and 504s, communication with case managers, student schedules, etc. SEPAC is lookingContinue reading “Welcome Back”

SEPAC Statement at BOE Meeting

SEPAC Statement to the Board of Education                        January 25, 2016   Good evening.  I’m Jenny Lindstrom, President of SEPAC, the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. I first want to welcome the new members of the board and say to all of you that SEPACContinue reading “SEPAC Statement at BOE Meeting”