2021-2022 Meetings

Wednesday, October 6 The return to in-person school after 18 months of virtual/hybrid learning.

Thursday, November 11 – The ABCs of IEPs in PreK: Special Education during the preschool years. (Missed the meeting? View the presentation here.)

Wednesday, December 8 @ 7:30pm

• Get to know SOMSD’s new Assistant Superintendent of Special Services, Susie Budine
• Ms Budine will share her experience in Special Education and goals for our district, plus answer questions submitted by our SEPAC community
• As always, we’ll have time at the end for questions, discussion and support
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To ask a question and/or give feedback about your experience with Special Education in our district, please use this link. Questions must be submitted by Sunday 12/5 at 7pm.

Thursday, January 13 – (Heads up! This will be a MORNING meeting!) Learn more about New Jersey’s system of care and what services are available through the state. Special Guest: PerformCare

February (date tbd) – Intersectionality of Special Education and Race. Special Guest: Community Coalition on Race

Wednesday, March 2 – Social Skills and Speech. Special Guest: Reesa Salomon, MS, CCC-SLP

2020-2021 Meetings

Monday, September 14  Virtual Learning and Special Education Students

Wednesday, November 11 Out-of-District Families (time: 7:30-9pm). Led by OOD Liaisons: Ann Leeb and Sandy LoPiccolo. Special Guests: Renee Joyce and Penny Petcher.

Tuesday, December 1  Behaviors and Mental Health. Special Guests: Arelis Tapia-Vargas, Laura Prato, Cheryl Irwin & Nicole Stewart

Wednesday, January 20 – New Year, New Goals: Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) – meetings, goals and tips

Tuesday, February 16 – Intersectionality of Special Education and Race

Tuesday, March 2 – Out-of-District School Liaisons-led Meet Up for Families/Caregivers of Students who attend OOD Special Education Schools and those that are interested in learning about them.

Thursday, March 18 – Group Meetings: PreK/Elem and Secondary with Special Education Supervisors and Dr. Alegria, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services

Monday, April 26 – Transitions for all Ages: PreK – Kindergarten; 5th – 6th; 8th – 9th; 12th and beyond

Wednesday, May 26 – Wrap Up and ESY: How did the year go? What’s happening for ESY?