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Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is a parent-led advocacy group focused on policies, programs, and practices within the South Orange Maplewood School District.  Families and caregivers of student(s) with learning needs or students eligible for or receiving services under an IEP or 504 plan are encouraged to attend SEPAC Meetings.

SEPAC provides parents with tools and information to work collaboratively with the school district and to be more effective advocates for their children with special educational needs. Our meetings consist of featured conversations/ presentations as well as support, resource sharing, and the ability to connect with other members of the special education community. Meetings with featured topics are our attempt to get those with similar concerns in the same room at the same time but all are always welcome!

SEPAC Meeting
Tuesday, December 1    7:15-8:45pm
Google Meet:

Our final SEPAC meeting of 2020 will focus on Behaviors and Mental Health. Stay tuned for information on our guest speaker. The SEPAC Board will also have updates on advocacy work and there will be time for open discussion. All are welcome to attend.

Learning Disability Parent Support Group Meeting
Thursday, December 10    8pm
Google Meet:

Have a child with a learning difference (i.e. dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, specific learning disability)? Join this supportive group of parents to share experiences, resources, concerns and solutions. For more information or questions, please contact: Susan Nasberg-Abrams at

The Virtual ADHD Parent Group Meetings
December 16   7:30pm
Google Meet:

Connect with others who understand the challenges and rewards of parenting children with ADHD. We are a group of parents who value the exchange of ideas and resources to help our unique children meet their social, emotional, and educational needs. Join us for judgement-free support. Drop-ins always welcome.
Questions? Contact Alison Steiner at and Hilary Andreini at

2020-2021 Special Services Supplemental Guide to SOMSD Virtual Guidebook for Families


2020-2021 Virtual Instructional Guidebook for Families