Recap: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023

Meeting Recap: Middle School & Mental HealthJanuary 9, 2023 At our January 9th SEPAC SOMA meeting, a panel of SOMSD experts joined us to take a close look at anxiety in middle school, including signs of stress, strategies at home and how to get help at MMS and SOMS. Alison Steiner explained how anxiety presentsContinue reading “Recap: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023”

Recap: Anxiety in Elementary, November 2022

Meeting Recap: Anxiety in ElementaryMonday, November 21, 2022 Anxiety in elementary school … What does it look like? How can parents and caregivers support children at home? Who can help at school? Where to start?? At our SEPAC SOMA community meeting on November 21, 2022, SOMSD Social Workers Arelis Tapia-Vargas and Marilu Gregory shared valuable informationContinue reading “Recap: Anxiety in Elementary, November 2022”

December 2 is Special Education Day!

December 2 is Special Education Day! SEPAC SOMA recognizes Special Education Day on December 2. Enacted in 1975, IDEA shaped the future of what we know as Special Education today. If you like to learn more about what things were like before IDEA, here are a couple of videos for you to watch. We hopeContinue reading “December 2 is Special Education Day!”

Meeting: Learning Disabilities Support Group, December 2022

Learning Disability Parent Support GroupWednesday, December 14, 8:00pm From group creator and organizer Susan Nasberg-Abrams: Thank you to everyone who joined us at the last Learning Disabilities Parent Support Group meeting. It was so wonderful to share stories and get advice – and also to share laughs and get drinks! Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, DecContinue reading “Meeting: Learning Disabilities Support Group, December 2022”

Meeting: Learning Disabilities Support Group, October 2022

Learning Disabilities Parent Support GroupWednesday, October 26, 8:00pm From group creator and organizer Susan Nasberg-Abrams: Calling all parents of kids with learning disabilities, learning struggles or learning stress. We deserve a night out! Let’s get together to chat and compare notes – what’s going well, what’s not going well, what we have learned and whatContinue reading “Meeting: Learning Disabilities Support Group, October 2022”

Watch: SEPAC SOMA’s BOE Presentation, September 2022

SEPAC SOMA Presentation to SOMSD BOESeptember 29, 2022 SEPAC SOMA presented to the SOMSD Board of Education on 9/29/22. We were so pleased to share more about our parent-led group – who we are, what we do, and our goals for this school year – and were encouraged by Board Members’ thoughtful comments and follow-up questions.Continue reading “Watch: SEPAC SOMA’s BOE Presentation, September 2022”

Recap: ☀️Top 5 Summer Tips, June 2022

OUR TOP FIVE SUMMER TIPSJune 9, 2022 1. PLAN AHEAD Reach out to your Case Managers now to find out who will be your point of contact over the summer. Think ahead to where your child will be next year and if they are moving to a new building (Jefferson, MMS or SOMS, CHS) makeContinue reading “Recap: ☀️Top 5 Summer Tips, June 2022”

January 2022: PerformCare Fact Sheet

Individualized Education Programs and 504 Plans help get your child what they need to thrive at school, but what about at home? Caring for a child with behavioral, mental health and emotional challenges, or intellectual and developmental disabilities, can be overwhelming. The Children’s System of Care (part of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families)Continue reading “January 2022: PerformCare Fact Sheet”

SEPAC Statement to BOE 7/16/2017 re: District 504 policy

I am Erin Siders from Maplewood, President of the Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC). SEPAC would like to address the status of the regulations for implementing the Section 504 Policy.  The Board adopted the policy on September 19, 2016.   As you know, the Policy states that “within sixty days of the adoption of thisContinue reading “SEPAC Statement to BOE 7/16/2017 re: District 504 policy”