Recap: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023

Meeting Recap: Middle School & Mental HealthJanuary 9, 2023 At our January 9th SEPAC SOMA meeting, a panel of SOMSD experts joined us to take a close look at anxiety in middle school, including signs of stress, strategies at home and how to get help at MMS and SOMS. Alison Steiner explained how anxiety presentsContinue reading “Recap: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023”

Meeting: Anxiety in High School, January 2023

Anxiety in High SchoolTuesday, January 24 @ 7:30pm Tuesday, January 24 @ 7:30pmHIGH ANXIETY: High school can be hard to handle in the best of times and, after the events of the last few years, even more teens are struggling. We’ll hear from a panel of CHS experts about anxiety and mental health in theContinue reading “Meeting: Anxiety in High School, January 2023”

Meeting: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023

Middle School & Mental HealthJanuary 9, 2023 @ 7:30pm Monday, January 9 @ 7:30pmMiddle School & Mental Health: Join us to learn more from our panel of SOMSD experts about anxiety in middle school, including signs of stress, strategies at home and how to get help at MMS and SOMS. This meeting will be virtual. DoContinue reading “Meeting: Middle School & Mental Health, January 2023”

Request: Share Your Challenges

Feedback Wanted: Sharing Your Challenges Helps Our Community If you are running into difficulties related to your child’s IEP or 504 plan, SEPAC SOMA wants to know. Often, you aren’t alone … sharing your individual experience adds to the bigger picture and helps us identify systemic issues that should be elevated to district administration. ► Add your input

Recap: Anxiety in Elementary, November 2022

Meeting Recap: Anxiety in ElementaryMonday, November 21, 2022 Anxiety in elementary school … What does it look like? How can parents and caregivers support children at home? Who can help at school? Where to start?? At our SEPAC SOMA community meeting on November 21, 2022, SOMSD Social Workers Arelis Tapia-Vargas and Marilu Gregory shared valuable informationContinue reading “Recap: Anxiety in Elementary, November 2022”

December 2 is Special Education Day!

December 2 is Special Education Day! SEPAC SOMA recognizes Special Education Day on December 2. Enacted in 1975, IDEA shaped the future of what we know as Special Education today. If you like to learn more about what things were like before IDEA, here are a couple of videos for you to watch. We hopeContinue reading “December 2 is Special Education Day!”

Statement: Transgender Awareness Week 2022

Transgender Awareness Week 2022 The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Executive Board of South Orange & Maplewood School District wants you to know …  November 13-19 is Transgender Awareness Week and November 20th is Transgender Remembrance Day. In our role as an advisory group to the district, SEPAC SOMA is here to support and be an ally forContinue reading “Statement: Transgender Awareness Week 2022”

Announcement: Mobile Sensory Station Fundraiser

FUNDRAISER: Mobile Sensory Station Each year, South Orange Village President Sheena Collum invites the community to celebrate her birthday with a “Party with a Purpose.” SEPAC SOMA is absolutely thrilled to share that this year’s focus is to fund a Mobile Sensory Station for community events in our towns. We hope you’ll consider donating toContinue reading “Announcement: Mobile Sensory Station Fundraiser”