ACTION: Emergency Drills Policy Changes, February 2023

BOE MEETING: Thursday, February 23, 2023, 7:00pm
At tonight’s SOMSD Board of Education meeting, there will be a First Reading of changes to Policy 8420 (Emergency & Crisis Situations), which covers how emergency drills are handled in our schools. In recent years, parents and experts in our community, including SEPAC SOMA, strongly advocated to make sure the current policy includes:
• Letting everyone know the drill is a drill, while it is in progress, not just when it ends; and
• An emphasis on social/emotional well-being during the drill, especially for students caught outside of classrooms during a lockdown.

The proposed policy removes these important provisions (and others). If this concerns you, please speak out! YOUR STORIES are testimony, and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by sharing your thoughts with the BOE:

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