Announcement: Mobile Sensory Station Fundraiser

FUNDRAISER: Mobile Sensory Station

Each year, South Orange Village President Sheena Collum invites the community to celebrate her birthday with a “Party with a Purpose.” SEPAC SOMA is absolutely thrilled to share that this year’s focus is to fund a Mobile Sensory Station for community events in our towns. We hope you’ll consider donating to this fundraiser to help make events in South Orange and Maplewood more inclusive! 

From the organizers of the GoFundMe campaign:
Did you know that some of our neighbors can become overwhelmed at town and community events, so they choose not to attend?

This can be due to autism, sensory processing disorders, PTSD, dementia, other disabilities, or neurodiversity that may cause them to experience what is referred to as “sensory overload.”

Sensory overload can be triggered by lights, noise, crowds, smells, and other stimuli. The result is severe anxiety and a desperate need to escape from events such as outdoor concerts, festivals, sporting events, or neighborhood block parties. Some families refrain from enjoying these community functions as a result, which can be isolating and create a feeling of exclusion.

Inspired by another town, we’re hoping to raise $25,000 to secure a Mobile Sensory Station that can be set up at events (and marketed in advance) to ensure a sensory-inclusive environment for all our kids and families.

Please consider donating and joining us for South Orange Village President Sheena Collum’s Birthday celebration, which will take place in the Loft at SOPAC on Saturday, November 12, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

RSVP here. Proceeds from the event will go to support this vital cause.

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