Workshop: Making Sense, May 2023

Making Sense: Understanding Our Sensory Systems & Regulation
May 21, 2023, 3:00pm

Our sensory systems shape how we experience our worlds. But how often do we consider their impact on our children’s regulation and behavior? Join us for an opportunity to better understand sensory differences at our free SEPAC SOMA Parent Workshop, where we’ll learn together and gain strategies to support regulation with Occupational Therapist, DIRFloortime Provider and Parenting Coach Larissa Balik

Sunday, May 21 @ 3:00pm 
◉ Tuscan Dell • Maplewood (Tuscan Rd between Valley & Prospect)
RSVP here, please (appreciated, but not required)

More from Larissa about the workshop:
Have you ever wondered how to support your child’s regulation? Regulation is a big goal – and sometimes it can feel hard enough to keep ourselves regulated! There are so many factors to consider, but one area we cannot overlook is our children’s sensory systems. The ways in which our nervous systems take in and process information from our environment influence our sense of safety and our availability for connection, learning, and growth.

We need to attune to our children’s unique ways of processing sensory information before we can expect them to self-regulate. And we need to support their regulation before we can expect them to engage with others, use their imaginations, and reason with us. These are the concepts that are at the core of Occupational Therapy and DIRFloortime practice.

In this workshop, we’ll build a deeper understanding of our sensory systems and unpack many of the drivers behind our children’s behaviors. We’ll discuss ways to support our children’s sensory needs and learn tools to cultivate regulation in both our children and ourselves.

I hope to see you there!


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