Request: Maplewood Master Plan, March 2023

Public Workshops: Maplewood Master Plan
March 15 & April 15, 2023

Wednesday, March 15 & Saturday, April 15
The Township of Maplewood is in the process of preparing a new Master Plan. These plans, which are required by the state to be updated at least every 10 years, are primarily focused on the physical realm and have traditionally covered issues such as zoning, transportation, and parks. However, increasingly, master plans look at “softer” issues such as public health (especially in the wake of the pandemic), social connection, and equity.

The town is very interested in hearing from Maplewood residents with disabilities and their families about how their concerns and needs could be addressed in the master plan, including housing; accessibility of municipal and other facilities; open space and recreation needs; and communication and information sharing.

As parents and caregivers of children with disabilities this is a great opportunity to add our voices to the future of Maplewood. Two public workshops are happening soon: Wednesday, March 15 and Saturday, April 15.

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