Resource: SOMSD Special Services Contact List, Summer 2022

Summer 2022: SOMSD Special Services Staff

Note from Susie Budine, SOMSD Assistant Superintendent of Special Services:
Please see below the appropriate staff to contact for the summer. Also, kindly note that the district is on a skeleton crew from mid-August until school starts in September. You may experience a longer than usual delay in response during this time, but someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

IMPORTANT: Please choose a contact based on your child’s 2021-2022 school placement, NOT the school they will attend in the fall.

July 5 to Aug. 12 Case Managers

Preschool / Out of District
Nicole Ortiz

Marshall / Delia Bolden (formerly Jefferson)
Inelda Bermudez

Tuscan / Seth Boyden
Valerie Frost

South Mountain / Clinton
Lisa Kleitsch

South Orange Middle School
Shaazan Napoleon

Maplewood Middle School
Maria Serpico

Columbia High School
David Velder (students case managed by David Velder and Deborah Teng)

Alex Freitas (students case managed by Alex Freitas and Kathy Bohm)

Phil McCormick (students case managed by Phil McCormick and Greg Speth)

CST Summer Coordinators – case management
Alex Freitas and Maria Serpico

CST Summer Coordinator – related services
Ilana Stelmakh

Aug. 15 to Sept. 2 Case Managers

Lisa Kleitsch

David Velder

Phil McCormick

Department of Special Services Supervisors
Leroy Johnson III: (preschool, related services)
Karen Thomany: (elementary)
Sue Ellis: (middle school, self-contained classes, EBR, ESY)
Roberto Menendez: (high school, out of district)

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