2019/2020 SEPAC Meeting Dates

SEPAC meeting dates 2019-2020:

Where & When: Central Office District Meeting Room, unless otherwise specified. All meetings are 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Thursday October 10 – General Meeting/ Voting for New Executive Board (525 Academy)
Attendance is encouraged for anybody with an interest in Special Education in the South Orange Maplewood School District. Introduction to the “advocacy for all” and the “support of the individual” that is at the core of what SEPAC does.

Tuesday, November 19 – Preschool, Elementary School and Newcomers 
Target audience: those with children in or entering Preschool, in or entering Elementary School or are newcomers to Special Education in the school district.

Wednesday, January 22 – Middle School/High School 
Target audience: those with children in or entering Middle School or in or entering High School.

Thursday, February 20 – Get SMART! (IEP goals, that is) 
Target audience: anyone who wants their children’sIEP goals to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented and Time-bound.

Wednesday, March 25 – Out of District
Target audience: those with children in out of district placements and those who want to learn more about the subject.

Tuesday, April 21 – In and out, here and there. Transitions at every age and every stage. 
Target audience: those with children facing transitions from PreK to Kindergarten, fifth grade to Middle School, Middle School to High School, and High School to Beyond (with Marshall Jefferson transition also addressed.) Plus an update on the Integration and Elementary Reorganization plans for 2021-2022.

Tuesday, May 19 – General Meeting
Year’s wrap up and parental preparation for the

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