SEPAC statement to BOE 5-14-18

SEPAC will be making the following statement at tomorrow night’s Board of Education meeting. It’s an email that was sent to the administration on 5/2/18 and we have not heard a response. If anyone would like to come out in support of this request, please contact us @  Thanks!!

Dr. Ficarra, Dr. Reisenauer and Dr. Morana,

Families are very concerned about the current state and future plans for the Special Services department. The recent announcement of Dr Reisenauer’s retirement and Dr Murray’s resignation has further spurred pronouncements questioning the leadership of the district and the department.

SEPAC is requesting a public forum where you can share your vision for the department as well as hear feedback directly from parents. Families need to hear how the district plans to manage all of these departmental changes while continuing to service the needs of our children.

Thank you,
Erin Siders
Reesa Salomon
Ann Leeb

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