SEPAC Summary of SOMSD Section 504 Policy & Regulations

Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC) Summary of SOMSD Section 504 Policy & Regulations

This summary was prepared by SEPAC and is intended as an overview only. Parents and guardians should refer to the full Policy 5750.1 for complete details.

Policy Summary

  • The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the District’s efforts to comply with the requirements of the policy, and shall take all actions necessary to ensure the Building 504 Coordinators inform all appropriate staff of student rights under 504 plans(4)
  • The Superintendent shall ensure that all staff receive appropriate and ongoing professional development regarding 504 requirements(4)
  • The district must make all reasonable efforts to identify unserved students with disabilities who are eligible for services under IDEA , ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1)
  • The District must provide FAPE (Free & Appropriate Public Education) to each qualified student with a disability (1)
  • Students with Disabilities shall be provided with an individualized and systemic plan of accommodations and services (1)
  • Such accommodations and services must be designed to allow students to access curricular and extra-curricular activities in a manner substantially consistent with their non-disabled peers (1)
  • To the maximum extent possible, students with disabilities must be educated with students who are not disabled (1)
  • Any District facility operated for students with disabilities must be comparable to those operated for students who are not disabled (1)
  • At the end of each school year, each building Principal shall present a report to the Superintendent which includes (5):
    • Number of Section 504 referrals
    • Outcome of evaluation processes
    • Concerns and issues identified by the school’s 504 Teams
    • Effectiveness of services provided in achieving outcomes identified in 504 plans
  • Annually, the Superintendent must present a report to the Board which includes (5)
    • Summary of the District’s identification and evaluation of students
    • Section 504 accommodations required
    • The number and nature complaints/grievances filed regarding 504 plan compliance, allegations of discrimination or retaliation
    • Procedures for ensuring compliance with Section 504 requirements


  • – Roles & Responsibilities (2)
    • District 504 Coordinator: Responsible for ensuring District compliance and has authority to investigate grievances and make recommendations to the superintendent regarding resolutions
    • Building 504 Coordinator: Principal or a designee. Manages the 504 Committee in the building end ensures compliance with 504 plans in the building. Responsible for ensuring that staff are informed about students’ accommodations and that 504 plans are implemented
    • Section 504 Team: the team that works on an individual 504 case. Includes the Building 504 Coordinator, and MAY include teachers, Principal, parents/guardians, the student and others with relevant case knowledge. Staffing may differ for each student.
    • Section 504 Committee: Serves all District students and schools as an initial means of redress for parents/guardians who cannot resolve issues through the 504 Team. The 504 Committee will consist of persons who will, when necessary, become knowledgeable about a student’s case.
  • – Evaluation Process(3)
    • Students with disabilities must be identified, referred to and evaluated by a Section 504 Team, such evaluation to occur in a timely manner.
    • Students may be referred by parents/guardians or school staff.
    • An initial evaluation requires parent/guardian consent.
    • A Section 504 Team shall draw upon a variety of sources in making decisions about accommodations, services and placements: test results, teacher recommendations, physical condition, adaptive behaviors, recommendations from medical providers, as applicable
    • The Section 504 Coordinator is responsible for procedures to ensure that information obtained from all sources is documented and considered
    • Parent/guardian who disagrees with the 504 Team decisions or recommendations may utilize the services of the 504 Committee.
  • – Regulations (4)
    • Regulations must be developed for:
      • Referrals
      • District efforts to identify unserved students
      • Eligibility determinations
      • 504 plan development and implementation
      • Notices to parents/guardians regarding referrals and procedural rights
      • Appealing determinations and expeditiously resolving complaints
      • Procedures to ensure implementation and compliance with 504 plans
      • Specific procedures for 504 compliance at student transition points (kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade)
      • Grievance procedures to expeditiously process complaints of discrimination or retaliation for asserting rights under Section 504 or the Policy.


  • (1) Policy 5750.1; Section I, Introduction
  • (2) Policy5750.1;SectionII,Definitions
  • (3) Policy 5750.1; Section III, Evaluation
  • (4) Policy 5750.1; Section IV, Implementation
  • (5) Policy5750.1;SectionV,Reports


Overview of SOMSD 504 Policy

SOMSD 504 Policy


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