SEPAC Meeting 3-15-16


I.      Welcome Jenny Lindstrom                                                   7:30


II.     Introduction to the College Process

        for SEPAC Families                                                            7:45

            Mary Durante, College Counselor, High School Administrator

            Elizabeth Benedict, Learning Specialist

            Joe Giglio, Director of College Counseling, former College

            Admissions Director


III.    Special Services Updates                                                  8:45

             Ella Rideau, Director, Special Services


IV.    2016-17 District Budget Mike Donoghue                           9:00


V.    SEPAC Updates & Announcements                                  9:15

            Section 504 Administration

            Updated Special Ed Guide and Resource Packet

            Call for nominations: 2016-17 SEPAC Executive Committee


VI.    Adjourn                                                                                9:30

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